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      1. 2017年江蘇高考英語試題及答案【word】

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        第一部分聽力(共兩節,滿分20 分)
        第一節(共 5 小題;每小題 1 分,滿分 5 分)
        聽下面 5 段對話,每段對話后有一個小題。從題中所給的 A、B、C 三個選項中選出最佳選項,并標在試卷的相應位置。聽完每段對話后,你都有10秒鐘的時學#科*網間來回答有關小題和閱讀下一小題。每段對話僅讀一遍。
        1.What does the woman think of the movie?
        A.It's amusing B. It's exciting C. It's disappointing
        2.How will Susan spend most of her time in France?
        A.Traveling around.
        B.Studying at a school.
        C.Looking stter her aunt.
        3.What are the speakers talking zbout?
        A.Going out.
        B.Ordering drinks.
        C.Preparing for a party.
        4.Where are the speakers?
        A.In a classroom. B.In a library. C.In a bookstore.
        5.What is the man going to do?
        A.Go on Internet B.Make a phone call. C.Take a train trip.
        6.What is the woman looking for?
        A.An information office. B.A police station C.A shoe repair shop.
        7.What is the Town Guide according to the man?
        A.A brochure. B.A newspaper. C.A map.
        8.What does the man say about the restaurant?
        A. It's the biggest one around.
        B. Itoffers many tasty dishes.
        C. It's famouns for its seafood.
        9.What will the woman probably order?
        A.Fried fish B.Roast chicken. C.Beef steak.
        10.Where will Mr. White be at 11 o'clock?
        A.At the office B.At the airport. C.At the restaurant.
        11.Where will Mr.White probably do at one in the afternoon?
        A.Recelive a guest.      B.Have a meeting.       C.Read a report.
        12.Where will Miss Wilson see Mr.White?
        A.At lunch time.
        B.Late in the afternoon.
        C.The next morning.
        13.Why is Bili going to Germany?
        A.To work on aproject.
        B.To study German.
        C.To start a new company.
        14.What did the woman dislike about Germany?
        A. The weather.     B.The food.     C.The schools.
        15.What does Bill hope to do about his family?
        A.Bring them to Germany.
        B.Leave them in England.
        C.Visit them in a few months.
        16.What is the probable relationship between the speakers?
        A.Fellow-travelers.      B.Colleagues.      C.Classmates.
        17.When did it rain last time in Juarez?
        A.Three days ago.      B.A month ago.     C.A year ago.
        18.What season is it now in juarez?
        A.Spring.       B.Summer           C.Autumn.
        19.What are the elderly advised to do?
        A.Take a walk in afternoon.
        B.Keep their homes cool.
        C.Drink plenty of water.
        20.What is the speaker doing?
        A.Hosting a radio program.
        B.Conducting a seminar.
        C.Forecasting the weather.
        例:It is generally considered unwise to give a child _________ he or she wants.
        A.however B.whatever C.whichever D.whenever
        例:It is generally considered unwise to give a child _________ he or she wants.
        A.however B.whatever C.whichever D.whenever
        21.Many Chinese brands,__________their reputations over centuries,are facing new challenges from the modern market.
        A.having developed       B.being developed       C.developed     D.developing
        22.__________not for the support of the teachers,the student could not overcome her difficulty.
        A.It  were       B.Were  it       C. It was    D.Was it
        23.Located_________the Belt meets the Road,Jiangsu will contribute more to the Belt and Road construction.
        A.why       B.when       C.which    D.where
        24.The publication of Great Expectations,which_________both widely reviewed and highly praised,strengthened Dickens,status as a leading novelist.
        A.is       B.are       C.was     D.were
        25.Working with the medical team in Africa has_________the best in her as a doctor.
        A.held out       B.brought out       C.picked out     D.given out
        26.We choose this hotel because the price for a night here is down to $20,half of_________it used to charge.
        A.that       B.which       C.what     D.how
        27.He hurried home,never once looking back to see if he_________.
        A.was being followed       B.was following       C.had been followed     D. followed
        28.In 1963 the UN set up the World Food Programme,one of_____purposes is to relieve worldwide starvation.

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